Harry Hains' Mom Honors Him Ahead of Posthumous Album: 'He Was a Role Model for Living Authentically'

As to what she misses most about her son, Badler says it's just getting to spend time with him.

"I loved shopping with him, I loved looking at him," she says. "He'd go in and buy a dress and wear it with heels. It wasn't drag. When he loved something, he'd wear it. He mixed all sorts of patterns and colors. He was just fun. He was irreverent. He was naughty. There was no one like him. I miss getting manicures with him and massages, going to the movies with him. I miss beautiful meals. He was a foodie. He loved great restaurants. I don't miss the aggravation he caused me, but he was a very funny, fun person to be around."

Most of of all, Hains wanted other people to live their lives "fearlessly," Badler says.

"He was a role model for living authentically and fearlessly," she says. "That's why I think it's so important to get the music out. He was so beautiful, like breathtakingly beautiful. I get emotional. I was really proud of him. I know he's up there maneuvering it all. He always did. We all feel his voice in everything we do."

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