Everything Nick Jonas Has Said About His Political Aspirations and Running for President

Priyanka Chopra made headlines recently for saying that she “would love” to see husband Nick Jonas run for president, but the idea is far from new.

Between giving his side project a political theme to openly speaking about wanting to run for office, the Jonas Brothers singer has made his fascination with the presidency known since the very beginning of his career.

Before Nick, 26, and his brothers Joe, 29, and Kevin, 31, became known as the Jonas Brothers, they made an appearance on CBS’ The Early Show back in 2004 to perform “Time for Me to Fly” and “Please Be Mine.” Even though Nick was only 12 at the time, his dreams of becoming president had already begun.

When the host of the show asked Nick, “What do you want to do when you get older?” He responded, “Maybe I’ll be president or something.”

Four years later, at the height of the band’s teen stardom in 2008, Nick explained to PEOPLE why he was given the nickname “Mr. President.”

“They call me the President or ‘Mr. President,’ but that’s only when I get in my president mode,” he said. “I just act like the boss sometimes. A lot of people have families where it’s like the younger kids get all the slack, but they really do treat me with respect, and I do the same for them, so it’s a good relationship.”

That year, Nick continued to speak on his political aspirations in a string of interviews. While promoting the Jonas Brothers’ Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock, Nick declared to E! News host Giuliana Rancic: “I’m going to run for president one day.”

During the interview, Kevin supported his brother by saying, “He’s starting the campaign at 15, you know, I think he’s got a good shot if he can continue holding the fan base.”

Then on Live with Regis and Kelly, Kevin told the audience that Nick was “going to run for president” and joked that they were announcing his candidacy right then and there.

“I had this conversation with many people, ‘Yeah I’m going to run for president,’” Nick said sarcastically, before adding more seriously, “But then maybe I will one day, I don’t know. I think 2038 is when I could run.”

In 2009, Nick formed his band, Nick Jonas & the Administration, as a side project from the Jonas Brothers. On the band’s debut album, Who I Am, were songs titled, “State of Emergency,” “Conspiracy Theory” and “Olive & An Arrow,” which is a nod to the Great Seal of the United States that depicts a bald eagle holding an olive branch and arrows.

“[I’m] not so much [fascinated] with politics, but more just about the fascination with the president,” he told MTV News in 2009. “The opportunities that we’ve had to go to the White House, the times that I’ve joked about wanting to be president and all that, I’m taking [it] somewhat serious.”

When Barbara Walters asked Joe to describe Nick during an interview special with the brothers in 2009, he said, “He’s definitely the president.”

“He’s the leader-type in the band, for sure,” he continued. “He is wise for his age.”

In 2011, Nick was asked during a solo appearance on The View whether he wanted to go into politics.

“I would like to,” he said. “2040, that’s the year. I’m taking it slow. I have a lot of time to figure that one out.”

Most recently, Nick was asked during an interview with The Guardian published on Monday if he would still like to run for office one day.

“Politics is a very tricky thing,” he diplomatically answered. “It’s a very different time to when I first mentioned my desire to be president.”

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