Eddie Van Halen’s emotional last interview as he talked about son before death

Eddie Van Halen spoke about his about son, Wolfgang, in an emotional recent interview before his death.

The legendary guitarist and co-founder of rock legends Van Halen died aged 65 after a long battle with throat cancer.

In early 2000, the guitarist was diagnosed with tongue cancer, and was declared cancer-free two years later.

Last year however, it was revealed he had been battling throat cancer for five years.

The music legend spoke about his bass-playing son, Wolfgang, in a candid chat with The Hard Times amid his cancer battle.

When asked about how his son became a bassist instead of a guitarist like his father, Van Halen gave an amusing and heartfelt answer.

He said: "Ya know, there were some signs early on. When he was about nine months old I put a little guitar in front of him. Instead of using his thumb like a pick, he used his index and middle fingers to strum the strings one at a time. I almost cried seeing my boy touch his first guitar. He looked so lame."

The Amsterdam-born musician kept his focus on his beloved family while undergoing years of cancer treatment.

Despite his illness Eddie continued to attend concerts and rehearse music with his son, who has been his bassist since 2006.

He continued about his son: "I was afraid being a bassist would add difficulties at every step and he would flee from music and become a jock or worse."

Eddie added jokingly: "We need more bassists, not less. But for real, stop trying to play goddamned bass chords under a guitar solo."

Eddie passed away at St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica, US Tuesday, TMZ reported.

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According to sources his wife, Janie was by his side, as well as his son Wolfgang and Alex, his brother and drummer.

It is believed that Eddie's health went into decline over the last 72 hours.

Van Halen – made up of Eddie, his brother Alex, Wolfgang and singer David Lee Roth – last performed at the October 2015 Hollywood Bowl.

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