Dionne Warwick Says Taylor Swift 'Handles the Industry with Poise and Grace:' She 'Has My Support'

Legends supporting legends!

Recently viral tweeter Dionne Warwick had nothing but nice things to say about Taylor Swift, hours after the "Cardigan" singer, 30, announced her ninth studio album evermore.

"For those asking… I have always followed the career of @taylorswift13," the 79-year-old wrote. "As a singer from my era I try to keep up with your generation. Taylor handles the industry with poise and grace. Of course she has my support."

Last week, the two singers shared a sweet exchange on the app after Warwick wrote, "I hope you’re in good spirits and having a wonderful day. Keep your head high!"

Several days later, Swift replied, "I just saw that you tweeted me!! I’m a huge fan and I respect you so much, thank you for wishing me well. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, thank you for spreading joy."

Warwick's public support came just several hours after Swift announced the release of her album evermore, which is set to drop Friday.

"To put it plainly, we just couldn’t stop writing songs," Swift wrote on Twitter about her surpirse record. "To try and put it more poetically, it feels like we were standing on the edge of the folklorian woods and had a choice: to turn and go back or to travel further into the forest of this music. We chose to wander deeper in."

"I’ve never done this before," she continued. "In the past I’ve always treated albums as one-off eras and moved onto planning the next one after an album was released. There was something different with folklore. In making it, I felt less like I was departing and more like I was returning."

Meanwhile, the tweet from the "Heartbreaker" legend came as no surprise, as she's spent the last several days sending messages and fiery replies on Twitter. Over the weekend, the singer went viral for teasing The Weeknd and Chance The Rapper's stage names.

"And this is for all of you tweeters who have decided that I'm not tweeting my own stuff to you. I want you to know I am and I'm getting very, very, very good at it," she said in a video on Monday. "You see I have a wonderful niece and her name is Brittani. And she said, 'Aunt Dionne, you'll have a lot of fun if you get on this with me.' I said, 'Okay, teach me how to do it.' And she did, and I am doing it."

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