Did Taylor Swift Just Secretly Release New Music?

Taylor Swift is well on her way to earning a new “reputation” for herself, but it’s not for what you’d think. Following the release of her latest hit single “ME!”, Swift is proving herself to be Queen of the countdown, hiding clues about her upcoming album just out of plain sight. But did the singer really just release new music in secret?

Early Friday morning, Swift made a special announcement via her Instagram page. While it was not the new music we were hoping for, it was a nice little musical pick me up for the long weekend.

Appearing in bitmoji form on her Instagram story, the songwriter gave the following message to her followers, “Hey, so I’ve created my own playlist on Apple Music called Playlist by ME! See what I did there.” she said jokingly. The ten-time GRAMMY winner then went on to encourage fans to follow in her footsteps, “You can create your own playlist too and you can share it with the whole world just go #PlaylistByME.”

Swift’s personally curated playlist is everything you’d expect from such an accomplished artist. The 46-song playlist is a delicious medley of tunes featuring songs from a variety of artists and genres. Some of the artists who made the cut are Lizzo, Ciara, Khalid, Beach House, Lana Del Rey, Ryn Weaver, Todrick Hall, and of course Swift herself, with her newest single released in collaboration with Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco.

Playlist By ME!

Accompanying the playlist is a note from Swift herself, where she manages to breathe life into the playlist in the special way that only she can. The 29-year-old songstress writes. ” ‘Maybe a hundred bad days made a hundred good stories, a hundred good stories make me interesting at parties’ — the lyrics of AJR’s ‘100 Bad Days’ pretty much sum it up. Everything that happens to us is just part of a story we’ll tell someday. These songs are the soundtrack to my story at the moment. I love this playlist for kitchen dance parties, long drives home, sun-soaked reflection, or aggressive bobbing. All songs have been loved and appreciated by ME!”

Of course, there’s always a distinct possibility that this playlist could be more than just a playlist. If there’s one thing that Swift excels at (besides the obvious singing and songwriting), it’s marketing and PR. Diehard fans have known Swift to be almost masterful at releasing her music in very calculated and strategic ways. Fans who followed the breadcrumbs were rewarded just last month when she released “ME!” the first single from her upcoming album. Which begs the question, is this playlist somehow another clue about her highly-anticipated seventh album?


Superfans have already pieced together that the title of the TS7 album will most likely be Lover. Swift has been doing lots of interviews to promote her upcoming album and has given lots of clues along the way. In a recent interview, the singer was asked how many times her new album title shows up in the music video for ‘ME!” Swift responded, “I think you see it once, and you hear it twice.” Fans quickly pointed out that the word “lover” is heard in the lyrics twice and shown in bright neon lights once.

We know that Swift loves to do countdowns for important milestones in her life. Thus, we can’t help but think that this playlist is somehow the latest key to unlocking the mystery of her next musical debut. But, with 46 songs on the playlist that span across nearly three hours, we’re going to need a little more time to crack the code. In the meantime, we’re grateful to Swift for providing us with the perfect travel playlist for the long weekend.

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