Desperate Katie Price slashes OnlyFans subscription cost amid bankruptcy probe

Katie Price has slashed her OnlyFans subscription costs in a desperate bid to get more subscribers.

It comes as the 44-year-old blonde bombshell faces questions over her lavish lifestyle, including holidays and beauty treatments, while failing to pay back millions of pounds to her creditors.

Until now, the star was charging the typical OnlyFans rate of £11 per month for access to her racy pics and videos, but she's now cut the costs by a third with a special deal.

Her OnlyFans page isn’t without controversy though, as many ex-subscribers have confirmed they won’t be coming back.

Why is Katie Price slashing her OnlyFans subscription?

In a new move to help her with her very own cost of living crisis, the mum of five last week cut her OnlyFans fees nearly in half.

Writing to followers, she said: “Hey everyone, there’s lots of good shoots, lots of good content coming up for you guys.

"As they say, never under-estimate the Pricey.”

It comes as the self-described ‘Queen of Glamour’ faces continues financial problems as creditors chase her for £3.2million in debt repayments.

However, old subscribers are not returning to her platform, as many were unhappy with the content she was providing.

One disgruntled former subscriber said: “Wont be resubscribing, see more on google or newspapers!!! Very disappointing and let down x."

A second wrote: “No offense katie but this is not worth anywhere near 11 a month, very misleading and definitely wont be resubscribing.”

Katie has since removed the ability for fans to voice their opinion on her platform.

Is Katie Price bankrupt?

Katie is millions of pounds in debt to her creditors after being declared bankrupt in 2019.

She's managed to put off an appearance before a bankruptcy judge three times now, after a mysterious no-show at her scheduled hearing on June 6.

The ex-glamour model owes £3.2million in total and faces a probe into how she funds her ‘luxury lifestyle’, which she continues despite the dept repayments.

She is meant to be explaining to the bankruptcy court the details of her income from various brand deals, her Channel 4 renovation show Katie Price's Mucky Mansion and other TV work.

A source previously told The Mirror that trustees were “casting the net far and wide to assess how much money is coming into Katie's coffers”.

What is Katie Price’s net worth?

Katie’s net worth is not what it used to be at the height of her popularity back in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Back then, it was estimated she was worth around a staggering £45million.

According to, the star is worth around £800,000 today.

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