Davina McCall says she loved heroin more than her family

The Masked Singer judge Davina McCall has bravely opened up about her darkest drug-riddled days after over two decades sober.

The British TV legend admitted that she was so low that she loves shooting up heroin more than she loved her own family.

Davina, 53, recalled how she would use as a teenager after growing up with a mum who also battled addiction.

The star said during Advertising Week Europe 2021: "I dealt with a very difficult, alcoholic, drug-addict mother and in turn ended up a drug addict myself.

"But it's just made me a much stronger person and a person that doesn't take no as the end of the line.

Davina continued: "I was a heroin addict – that was my drug of choice.

"I loved heroin, more than my family, more than myself.

"I hated myself, but I loved heroin more than anything."

She previously credited her presenting job on Big Brother for saving her life.

Davina continued: "Getting through that, going to go into Narcotics Anonymous meetings, made me realise that if I can get through that I can pretty much get through (anything).

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"If you'd have said to me 20 years ago you're going to be fitness guru, I'd have literally laughed in (your) face.

"What I've realised in life is you might get on one path, and then something will happen and it will lead you to somewhere else, but you have to be open to opportunity."

Davina previously told DJ Fat Tony on his show The Recovery, that during her years using the Class A drug she was 'kissing goodbye to my brain cells'.

Davina said: "I do not see myself as a victim in any way.

"It's a fact but when I was nearly four, my mum took me to my granny's house and said I'm going on holiday for two weeks and she never came back.

"I then ended up feeling like a guest at my granny's, but it was all organised.

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"We kind of know now that we need to process it. I felt abandoned. I was still going to visit my mum over the holidays but I didn't know that [at the time].

"That might have been the core of the issue but I feel like there's an overarching reason why I used, and that is that I constantly had a hole here and it really hurt."

She heartbreakingly added: "My tears were always [by my chest], and if we started talking about the hole, I wasn't quite sure how to verbalise it. Insecurity, instability, I just start crying very easily. It was very easy to get me to cry when I was a little girl."

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