Comedian Russell Howard storms out of Bristol gig after just five minutes

Popular comedian Russell Howard stormed out of a gig in Bristol on Wednesday over a woman who wouldn't stop filming him.

Russell, 40, was a mere five minutes into his stand-up routine on the terrace of city centre bar Bambalan, when he noticed an eager female fan in the front row pointing her phone at him.

The comic, who grew up in Bristol, said that the woman filming him was "literally the worst thing you can do," Bristol Live reported.

He then told the woman to "live in the moment," before asking her how she'd feel if he went to her place of work and began recording her.

Russell, who was using the gig to test out new material on his fans, said comedians are a "dying breed" and claimed that the reason for this is because they are scared risqué or unseen content could crop up on YouTube and potentially damage their image and act.

Russell then told the crowd that he was going to fallback into some old material following the videoing interruption.

However, he was unable to get back into the flow of his performance, and he turned to the woman and said: "You've ruined it now".

Addressing the crowd of approximately 45 people, Russell told them: "I was really looking forward to this gig," he then proceeded to pick up his backpack and walk out.

The woman, who was clearly somewhat flustered after the incident, protested that she was just taking a few snaps and videos as opposed to continually filming his whole routine.

However, another crowd member exclaimed: "You were filming the whole f***ing thing."

Tickets for the show, which also featured performances from other stand-up acts, cost £5, and it was reportedly not communicated to gig-goers that they should refrain from taking pictures or videos.

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