BTS Members Dating History: Who Have They Dated in the Past?

You don’t have to be a K-Pop fan to know that BTS is taking over the world. Well, they’re at least taking over the music industry, one catchy dance anthem at a time. Even if you have never listened to a single song, you have likely still heard about them. They have been a big success in South Korea for a while, but now their influence is spilling over to America, even though many fans can’t understand all the lyrics.

With so much success all over the world, many are wondering why we never see the boys with girlfriends. Do they even have girlfriends? The answer is tricky. First, you need to know that culturally, K-Pop members are not really supposed to date anyone officially. It could hurt their clean-cut vibe, and turn fans away.

Second, even if they were in a relationship, chances are they wouldn’t admit it. Remember they are making a lot of money, they’d have to find “the one” if they’re to risk their career. So what is the BTS member’s dating history, and who have they dated in the past?

Who have Suga, J-Hope, and RM dated?

In the K-Pop world, band members rarely get a moment to themselves. They are constantly moving from one engagement to the next. Add to that the fact that they are really not allowed to date, and many don’t even try to prioritize it. These are the members that have straight-up said the fans and music are their only focus right now.

Suga – In the case of Suga, he has never been linked to anyone. He has made BTS and his fans the priority. According to Metro: “He said he was too busy to date, and given the boys’ schedules are constantly packed, that certainly makes sense.”

J-Hope – Fans of J-Hope will be happy to know that he has not been romantically linked to anyone. At least not yet. He is a very popular idol, but he seems to be focused on his work at the moment.

RM – Rap Monster is another BTS member without a date. He is likely too busy with his international success to even consider it. He has admitted to dating someone in school. It didn’t work out because “she had too many male friends.”

Are rumors surrounding Jimin’s dating life true?

Bringing new meaning to their hit song, Fake Love, these are the rumors that are more fake than real. While all the BTS members have been a victim to rumors, these are the ones that got the most unwarranted media attention.

Jimin – While Jimin once said that he liked Red Velvet, that doesn’t mean that he was in a relationship with Seulgi, as was rumored. He has made it clear that they are not dating. What isn’t so clear is if he is dating Han Seung-Yeon from KARA. After the groups were seen promoting together, she mentioned in an interview that he had “caught her eye.” This raised eyebrows and started dating rumors because K-Pop artists don’t traditionally make statements like this.

Who are Jin, V, and Jungkook dating?

If any of the BTS dating rumors are true, it would have to be these ones. These are the ones that have the most foundation in truth. The ones that make the most sense, or that the boys have admitted to.

Jin – Are Jin and Lee Guk-Joo dating? It’s likely, and here’s why. Jin has reportedly stated that he likes “chubby girls” and Lee Guk-Joo has identified herself as being such. More than this is the fact that she admitted to dating an “idol.” Many fans believe this is the real deal.

V – V has been linked to two women recently. The first is Joy from the girl group Red Velvet. Some say this was debunked and others still think they are together. The other girl V has been linked to is a fan named Hi. He is always posting messages on social media to someone called Hi, and he wears a ring that she supposedly gave him.

Jungkook – This BTS member has a particular type of woman. According to him, he is looking for someone smart, someone who has nice legs, who is about 168cm (5 foot 5 inches), and knows how to cook. Not only does Ko So-Hyun, fit that mold, but a secret Instagram account was recently found that had both of their nicknames.

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