Britney Spears Drops Choreographed 'Brave New Girl' on Instagram, Because She Can Now

With Britney Spears back on social media and her music career no longer under her father’s control, the singer turned to Instagram to share a self-directed clip for 2003’s “Brave New Girl.”

“I’ve been holding onto this for a while because it’s one of the first times I’ve shared my music,” she wrote. “I was researching on my computer and was checking out some of my songs that haven’t been released as singles… and holy smokes there’s a lot!!!,” Spears added in the caption.

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“Where the hell did it all come from anyway??? I came across one song and was like this is kinda cool … even though I forgot what I’m saying at the end…” she added.

Spears also posted a self-directed homemade visual for the Madonna’s “Ray of Light”-inspired track, with the singer dancing and donning multiple outfits. “Just a little insight… this is definitely me experimenting with what I can do…,” she wrote, “you know a home studio with no lights and a four-year-old phone!!! I made this video in two hours … edited all of it … I know some videos can be made in a day or two…”

Following the news that her father Jamie had been removed from her conservatorship, Spears also wrote about her newfound freedom, something that’s been evident in her social media posts in recent weeks. “I feel like I have been a caged animal for half of my life…,” she added. “That’s exactly why I choose to direct myself … do my makeup myself … produce myself … dress myself … make music myself … feed myself … and shoot videos and pics myself.”

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