Britney Spears ‘100 per cent believes’ she will get her life back

Britney Spears’ conservatorship has been all over the news in recent days following the release of a new US documentary called Framing Britney, and it’s only ignited fans and followers of the Free Britney movement even more.

Convinced the 39-year-old pop singer is imprisoned within her own life and desperate to liberate her from her father Jamie Spears’ control, more fans and celebrities continue to show their support for the beloved child-hood Disney star.

Now a new interview from Britney’s former make-up artist and friend Billy "B" Brasfield claims that the Crossroads actress is "sure" she is on the way to finally being able to make her own personal and career decisions once more.

According to the industry professional, the blonde beauty is also keen to get married and have more children with her boyfriend of five years, Sam Asghari, a personal trainer from Iran.

Billy, who said he regularly calls and texts his old employer, confirmed the speculation over the breakdown of Britney’s relationship with her dad, saying she has "absolutely nothing" to do with him, and claimed Jamie’s position as being in control of her affairs went from an "act of love in crisis" in 2007 to "an unconditional act of control".

"When the conservatorship happened, her parents were just concerned for their daughter and they were worried about her," the make-up artist told The Sun. "But since that start a lot of people have become involved, a lot of people making a lot of money. A lot of attorneys are making a lot of money.

"To an extent I believe her father has become misguided.

"The conservatorship has gone from an act of love in crisis into an unconditional act of control. Now thankfully he can’t make decisions on his own, the Bessemer Trust has been appointed. There are checks and balances now which is good.

"It’s baby steps but it appears that Britney is getting heard about what her wishes are," Billy said.

Britney’s close friend went on to say that the world thinks the Toxic singer is "unicorn like", but in actual fact she’s a very down-to-earth celebrity in the Hollywood world.

According to the make-up artist Britney will often talk about mundane household tasks such as doing the laundry or decorating the house, and is at heart a home girl from Louisiana.

Billy also noted the businesswoman has a "strategy" and he urged people questioning her autonomy to respect that.

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"There are a lot of people thinking they know what’s best for Britney but she is a grown woman who is very capable. I 100 percent believe, as does she, that she will get control back," the star’s friend added, insisting Britney is anything but fragile.

Unfortunately, the Toxic singer’s lack of power within the conservatorship extends to being unable to drive her car, go out anywhere by herself, or make any significant personal or financial decisions without the say so of her father or his team.

Britney is able to see her two children Sean Preston and Jayden but the limitations on her own choices are "incredibly frustrating" for her, according to Billy.

The star recently won the right to have her affairs co-managed with the Bessemer trust, but the court cases are still ongoing.

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