Bootsy Collins Teams With Blues Maestro Kingfish for New 'Creepin” Video

Bootsy Collins has released a new video for his song, “Creepin’” featuring ace blues musician Christone “Kingfish” Ingram.

The clip finds Kingfish and his band performing the track in a dive bar, with the guitarist peeling off a dizzying number of equally dizzying solos while providing some fine lead vocals as well. Bootsy appears via an old television set, broadcasting live with characteristically eye-popping style (and even occasionally appearing with a werewolf’s mask to lend the “Creepin’” clip some cheeky creepiness).

“Creepin’” appears on Bootsy’s most recent album, The Power of the One, and he said of the song: “I wanted it to be the kind of thang that messes with your mind and questions your sanity. Well, I started to think about my hallucination ‘dazes’ when I was stoned out of my mind in a room about six by eight — just big enough to lie down on a bed — trippin’ out on Hendrix and Howlin’ Wolf. I remember seeing things and colors creepin’ in and out of my room, it was all kinda creepy. Remember this was the first room I ever had to myself.”

He also touched on tapping Kingfish for the song, saying he learned about the musician after watching his videos on YouTube: “I loved his bluesy soulful sound. I also liked his voice. I hit him up online to ask him would he like to solo and sing on a song with me, and he said of course… He sent me what he was hearing and we went straight to work. My engineer Tobe Donohue and I picked out the best takes then arranged the song. Next thing you know, we were ‘Creepin’’ in that six by eight room I was talkin’ about! I love it when you get a great idea and it becomes even greater when you add the right ingredients to it.”

To mark the holiday season, the Bootsy Collins Foundation is launching a 12 Days of Boot-a-Claus holiday giveaway through December 24th. Those who donate $5 or more will be eligible to win a variety of prizes, and all proceeds will go to Madi’s House, which provides support for young adults with mental health issues.

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