Billie Eilish fans think Therefore I Am sounds like another one of her hits

Billie Eilish hasn’t missed a beat. After sweeping the Grammys in early 2020, she didn’t waste any time releasing the James Bond theme song, “No Time To Die.” She also performed at the Oscars and released “my future” (her first proper single after her blockbuster album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?) It’s unclear whether “my future” was supposed to signal a new era and album cycle for Eilish, or if it’s just a single, but in either case, fans were just happy to hear more from Eilish.

Fans were in for a treat again in November 2020, when Eilish released another single, “Therefore I Am.” The Rene Descartes-referencing track boasts a music video showing Eilish, in her signature style, romping around the mall. Musically, it sure sounds like a Billie Eilish song, and not just any Billie Eilish song. Not long after the song got released, listeners took to Twitter to note that “Therefore I Am” sounded a bit like one of Eilish’s other hits.

Keep on reading to find out what fans had to say about the track.

Is Billie Eilish's new song similar to 'Bad Guy'?

It didn’t take long before Billie Eilish fans on Twitter started looking for connections between “Therefore I Am” and the rest of her oeuvre, especially concerning “Bad Guy.” One Twitter user wrote, “Billie new song sounds like a bad guy b side but I don’t mean that I’m a bad way.” Others echoed this sentiment, writing, “sounds like bad guy part 2 but i like it,” and, creatively, “billie’s new song sounds like bad guy’s prettier older sister.” 

Another was a bit less kind with their commentary, writing, “this new billie sounding way too much like bad guy for me.” Although people did comment on the supposed similarities between the two songs, the majority of the reactions to “Therefore I Am” were positive. 

Eilish and her brother, producer Finneas, have developed a style that is all their own, so it’s reasonable their work is going to share similar sounds. Whether or not the song represents the start of a new era for Eilish, it seems her fans are satisfied, which is all that truly matters.

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