Bhad Bhabie Slams ‘Dumb’ Trolls Calling Her Nicki Minaj Fan Over ‘Yikes’ Freestyle

In the 40-second remix itself, the 16-year-old hip-hop star are flexing about ‘big checks, big house, fast cars’ and calling out her competition in the rap game.

AceShowbiz -Bhad Bhabie a.k.a. Danielle Bregoli makes it clear that she’s not a fan of Nicki Minaj even though she released a remix of the Trinidadian rapper’s new song “Yikes”. The teenage star blasted those who called her so just because of the remix.

On Tuesday, February 11, she shared on her YouTube account her own brief remix treatment for the chart-topping song. On the 40-second freestyle, Bhabie flexes about “big checks, big house, fast cars” while calling out her competition in the rap game, “You h**s ain’t nuthin’ like me, see I’m the wifey/ Gave this h*e a little thing/ She started actin’ sheisty.”

People were rather baffled to learn of her “Yikes” remix, considering that she used to shade Nicki in the past. This prompted people to assume that she had now become a fan of Nicki, and Bhabie wasn’t having it at all. Taking to Instagram Stories, she wrote, “Who ever thinks making a remix of a song makes you a ‘fan’ of the person y’all are dumb as f**kkkkkk.” The 16-year-old rapper later added that those who thought that way should seek help.

Bhabie threw jabs Nicki a couple of times last year. She once accused the “Anaconda” rapper of not writing her own raps, leading to her getting roasted by the Barbz. However, she stood by her claims and hit back, “I forgot that Nicki’s fandom, majority of them are brainwashed and braindead and are just so in love with her that they believe anything she says or whatever.”

Later in September, Bhabie once again stirred controversy when she claimed that Nicki was “salty” Cardi B took her spot. “No one told her to get salty,” she said at the time. “If she took Cardi under her wing and been like, ‘Yeah, that’s my b***h.’ She didn’t have to be all, ‘Ugh, I can’t stand another b***h taking my spot.’ Like sit your salty a** down and just deal with it.”

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