Ariana Grande and Doja Cat’s New Song “Motive” Is Catchy as Hell

Ariana Grande’s new album, Positions, comes not with one, but three new collaborations—and one of them is with Doja Cat. Titled “Motive,” the song seems to be inspired by the guessing game of what someone wants when they’re into you. “Might have to curve you if you just can’t talk straight (Just say) / Say what you mean ’cause you might get it,” Grande sings in one verse. The track is also perfectly upbeat and apropos for our virtual dance floors (AKA our kitchens and bedrooms).

The tune had actually been in the works for a while. Grande revealed in an Apple Music interview in May 2020 that she and the “Say So” artist had something up their sleeves. “We did this song together towards the end of last year, and I love it so much. I remember when I first wrote it and sent it to her, she was in the shower, and she was like, ‘Bitch, I love this. I’m in the shower,’” she said. “She was like, ‘I’m doing it right now.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, there’s no rush. I’m not putting out a project anytime soon, whatever.’”

Grande recalled that Doja Cat called her back the next morning with the whole verse done, bursting with enthusiasm. “She called me back, and she was twerking to it, and her hair was falling off,” she added. “She twerked so hard that her wig fully flew off. She had a whole verse done, everything was done.”

The pop star even remembered allowing Doja Cat to take as many bars as she wanted on the track. “And so she just goes off on it, and it’s so much fun, and I love it.” At the time, Grande said the song was her “favorite so far,” but now that the album is complete, it’s hard for her to choose. She tweeted last week, “i don’t have a top three or anything ! everything goes hand in hand. this project is my favorite for many reasons and i really can’t wait for it to be yours. thank u for your love and excitement, it means the world to me.”

Read the full lyrics to “Motive” below.

Baby tell me what’s your motive
What’s your motive (What’s your motive)
What’s your motive (What’s your motive)
So tell me what’s your motive
What’s your motive (What’s your motive)
What’s your motive

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