Ant McPartlin says ‘life is too short’ as TV star reconciles with dad Ray

Ant McPartlin has reconciled with his dad Ray, saying “Life is too short”.

The TV star opened up about his father in a new documentary series in which he and pal Declan Donnelly investigate their family trees.

Ant, 43, said: “My dad left the family when I was about 10 and I’ve seen him sporadically over the years.

“We didn’t speak for a number of years but last year we started texting and I spoke to him on the phone for my birthday which was lovely.”

  • Dec Donnelly feared he'd lost best pal Ant McPartlin over drink and drug demons

He added: “To be fair, life is too short.

“There is no point holding grudges or anything like that. You get to that age, I turned 40, and I just thought let’s stop messing about, let’s get in touch because you never know what’s going to happen.”

Ant made the comments during filming at his mother’s home in Newcastle, joking “when is Dad coming?” to his mum and his two sisters, Emma and Sarha.

His dad does not appear in the documentary series, which began filming in 2017.

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