Adam Peaty’s girlfriend says the world was against after Katya kiss claims

Strictly Come Dancing star Adam Peaty's girlfriend Eiri Munro has broken her silence after the near 'kiss' with her fella and pro partner Katya Jones.

The 23-year-old artist and mother-of-one took to TikTok to express her thoughts and to explain to fans why she had not been as active on social media.

Eiri explained that she had taken a brief break from her social accounts due to the abusive comments she received after Adam’s close moment with Katya.

She uploaded a video to TikTok and said: “I have been receiving a lot of hate on the internet – people saying really horrible stuff. I am trying to lay it to rest now as I am tired.”

She also added how grateful she was to the fans who were supporting her.

Eiri added: “I want to say thank you to everyone. It makes me a bit emotional. To everyone that has been really nice to me. Because last week was a lot.

“Even when it’s a thousand nice comments and one mean one, it’s so easy to feel like the world is against you and it did feel like that for a while.

“I then had a reality check and I remembered that I am not that important.

“But you guys made me feel so much better, those that were checking up on me and those that were commenting. Thank you.”

She then jokingly added: “You saved my life.”

This was all due to Adam's intimate moment with Katya after their tango routine where it seemed like they were going to kiss at the end of their dance.

Viewers at home even slammed the dancing couple and thought they took it too far after appearing to nearly smooch after their steamy performance a fortnight ago.

After his dance, Eiri, who shares a baby son with Adam, posted a video online of her pretending to cry alongside a caption saying: “Watching your boyfriend almost kiss another woman on live TV – finding out 10 million people also watched it."

However, Adam recently hit back at rumours by saying last week: “To everyone who wants to see what they want, your comments have real-life consequences.

“I will not be overcome by your gossip.”

The 'almost kiss' came a matter of hours after Adam's partner took to Instagram to say that she 'wasn't worried' about the Strictly curse.

Partner Katya hasn't addressed the near kiss but did take to Twitter to praise Adam after their performance.

Sharing a clip from their routine, she wrote: "So proud of this. Hard work speaks for itself! Well done partner."

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