3OH3!’s Nate recalls ‘amazing’ Ariana Grande collab ahead of Slam Dunk 2022

Ariana Grande is known for her powerful pop vocals while 3OH!3 are known for their killer electronic music, making them the perfect combination for a collab.

The songstress teamed up with Nathaniel Moote for her track, Tattooed Heart back in 2013, which he co-produced for her album Yours Truly.

Ahead of their show-stopping set at Slam Dunk Festival on June 3 and June 4, Nate shared an insight into what it was like working with the pop princess.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, he said: "She's amazing, we got connected through her label Universal and a producer we worked with as well, Matt Squire.

"They brought us into work with Ariana and she's got the most amazing voice I've ever worked with in however long I've been in music.

"She's so professional and she's also super funny."

He added: "This must have been in 2010/2011 that we worked with her but I know that she hasn't changed and she's just great.

"Stylistically it can be different but I grew up listening to my dad's taste of lots of different music.

"When it came to making my own music, I was interested in a lot of different stuff – still to this day that's something I relish most about my job, especially as a songwriter for other artists but even within our 3OH!3 projects, it's so fun to do different sh*t."

Speaking about their set at Slam Dunk, he exclaimed: "We're related, in our own case, it's been eight or nine years that we've been out to the UK and did shows.

"For that, we're so excited, we did Slam Dunk a long time ago and a great time doing it and to play festivals in the UK again, in terms of how aligned we feel with the music scene, festivals in the UK are the closest thing we feel to home.

"We're really excited, we're planning on putting on a really fun show.

"We're excited to see a lot of the bands that we know that are playing that we haven't been able to see for a while and yeah, just have fun and connect with fans."

Reflecting on the music scene coming together again, he explained: "When you've toured for a while, it ends up being like a family reunion, it's awesome.

"It's great to see folks that for one reason or another, you know, they live in a different part of the country and especially after these two and a half years of big festivals not happening much and touring not happening as much.

"It's kind of a joyous occasion to come back and see."

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