Zach Galifianakis Plots ‘Between Two Ferns’ Movie

Zach Galifianakis will turn his interview series Between Two Ferns into a movie premiering September 20th on Netflix. The Between Two Ferns movie will feature a fittingly meta and ridiculous plot. The idea is that Will Ferrell discovered Galifianakis’ public access TV show, Between Two Ferns, uploaded it to Funny Or Die and turned the host into a laughing stock. In order to rehab his reputation, Galifianakis decides to take Between Two Ferns on the road to conduct a series of high-profile celebrity interviews.

Though Galifianakis and Netflix did not divulge any of the film’s guests, the project’s poster promised that the Between Two Ferns movie would feature “Celebrities you’ve heard of.” Scott Aukerman, the host of Comedy Bang Bang and the co-creator of Between Two Ferns, directed the movie and co-wrote it with Galifianakis.

Since premiering in 2008, Galifianakis has hosted 21 episodes of Between Two Ferns, as well as a half-hour special that aired on Comedy Central in 2012. The viral series finds Galifianakis conducting excruciatingly awkward, factually inaccurate and often antagonistic interviews with various celebrities. Some series highlights include Galifianakis spanking Justin Bieber for his bad behavior, letting Cardi B bump Jerry Seinfeld in the middle of an interview and getting roasted by Barack Obama for making a third Hangover movie.

Along with the Between Two Ferns movie, Galifianakis recently lent his voice to the animated movie, Missing Link, and appeared David Wnendt’s new movie, The Sunlit Night. The new season of his FX series Baskets will premiere June 13th.

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