Young 'Black Panther' fan writes Chadwick Boseman letter in Wakandan

It may be hard to impress a big star like Chadwick Boseman, but a young boy named Ben managed to do just that on Saturday. Ben sent the Black Panther star a photo showing himself holding a paper with a message for Boseman written in Wakandan.

A fan in the comments of the Instagram post deciphered Ben’s message, it says, “Dear Black Panther my name is Ben. I am your biggest fan. Could you please write back”.

Boseman not only wrote back, but he also shared the touching image with his social media followers.

“How cool is it that Hannah Beachler created an incredible alphabet for #BlackPanther and now I’m getting fanmail like this? Thanks for letting me know you’re my biggest fan, Ben. You’re awesome and your letter means a lot to me,” Boseman wrote on Instagram.

Beachler, who won an Academy Award for Best Production Design on Black Panther, created the world of Wakanda including their written language which was based on pictography. She told Indiewire the language evolved from “the older hieroglyphs into a more modern version” using it in a pictography way but the numerical system stayed the same.”

She cites Chinese, Arabic, as well as the languages from the African tribes of Dogon and Murci as inspiration for Wakandan. Commenters on the Instagram post mention the symbols are also similar to North Africa’s Tifinagh.

Boseman reprised his role of T’Challah in Avengers: Endgame and is set to bring him back for Ryan Coogler’s highly anticipated sequel of the 2018 hit film.

Wakanda Forever!

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