'Ted Lasso': Higgins' Motivation for Season 2, Physical Comedy, and More [Interview]

Jeremy Swift, the Emmy-nominated actor who plays AFC Richmond’s director of football operations on Ted Lasso, brings a lovable and goofy air to the character of Leslie Higgins. (Leslie, if you’ll recall, is a “feminine junior,” named after his mother.) But working for the sleazy former owner Rupert Manion before the events of season 1 took a toll on his character, and though he got a great and emotional apology sequence near the end of the first season, Swift still thinks there’s more drama to mine from Higgins’ spotty past.

I recently spoke with Swift in support of the mega-hit comedy’s second season, and we touched on Higgins still being “haunted” by his prior behavior, the actor’s approach to physical humor on the set, and more.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Season 2, Episode 2, “Lavender.”

Ted Lasso season 2 is being rolled out weekly on AppleTV+.

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