Take our Ultimate British Film Quiz – and you could win £500

You’re an Oscar-winning film producer. You may not know it. But you are.


Every time anyone buys a National Lottery ticket they’re helping fund major film projects from youth workshops to Oscar-winning blockbusters.


And on National Lottery Cinema Day on August 25, Lottery players get to enjoy one of your movies for free.


It means you can enjoy free entry to participating cinemas across the country to see a film of your choice.* Simply buy a Lotto ticket for the Lotto Double Prize Event Draw on August 24 and you can also use it to secure a free cinema trip on Sunday.


But can you match the knowledge of your rival big-league movie producers in our quiz below to celebrate the special offer?

Try your cinema knowledge on our deceptively tricky quiz, based on British movies that have been financed by UK Film with National Lottery funding through the BFI.


You’ll also notice there’s a special extra question just after the quiz. Answer that one and you can win yourself £500!


Ready for the big league? Then…action!

Aced the quiz? Now just answer one more question here for the chance to win £500:

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