Sandra Bullock's Daughter Was 'Convinced' Her Mom Saw All of Channing Tatum's Nude Body While Filming 'The Lost City'

What would a romantic adventure comedy movie like The Lost City be without a Channing Tatum nude scene? The Lost City cast Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum as a romance novelist and her cover model, two people very underprepared for a jungle adventure. At one point, Bullock’s character has to inspect Channing Tatum’s entire body for leeches. And Sandra Bullock’s children were “convinced” that she saw Tatum spicier parts during filming.

One of Sandra Bullock’s children became close friends with Tatum’s daughter

Working as an actor and a parent often means their kids come to set. And while Sandra Bullock (age 57) and Channing Tatum (age 41) filmed their parts for The Lost City, their daughters grew closer. When asked if they were best friends, Bullock said, “they are.”

“It was full months of sleepovers,” Bullock told Entertainment Tonight. “I mean, they’re the same. They’re two A-type strong women who just, you know, they’re exerting their power. I respect it.”

And as critics release their The Lost City reviews, behind-the-scenes stories slip out to fans. And while Tatum and Sandra Bullock’s children might have occupied each other’s time, Bullock said she had to discuss one scene with her daughter where Bullock has to check Channing Tatum’s nude body. While the movie does not show anything too bad, it is rated for “partial nudity.”

After eccentric billionaire Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe) forces Bullock’s character to venture into the jungle with Tatum close behind (and Brad Pitt appearing along the way), one scene features them facing slimy leeches. Sandra Bullock now had to inspect him for any suckers.

While she told her daughter that she saw nothing, Bullock’s daughter, Laila (age 10), remains skeptical.

Her daughter remained ‘convinced’ that her mom saw Channing Tatum nude

Children often draw their own conclusions, and Miss Congeniality star Sandra Bullock’s daughter was no exception.

“I explained it,” Bullock continued, “I discussed everything. I said, ‘There’s some blood. It’s okay. And there’s some having discussions with the penis.’ And I said, ‘I didn’t see it,’ and Laila was just like … she’s convinced I did, but I said I didn’t.”

Laila did not buy it despite Bullock telling her that she did not see Channing Tatum nude. However, it’ll likely remain a secret Bullock keeps. If Laila wants more details, she’ll need to keep prying.

And she might have plenty of time, as rumors of The Lost City 2have already started circling.

Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock’s children could return to set for ‘The Lost City’ sequel

When asked about a sequel to The Lost City, Bullock remained uncertain. However, if anyone could pull it off, Bullock had faith in writer Dana Fox.

“Does lightning strike twice? I don’t think so,” Bullock said. “But as I said before, Dana Fox. If anyone could write this, it would be Dana Fox. And it would just be endless days on Zoom. It took us about six months to get the script to where it was the first time, so if we have another year to get it going right, you never know.”

If Bullock’s daughter wants more secrets from her mom on set, she’ll have to wait and see if there’s another nude Channing Tatum scene if there’s a sequel.

Tatum and Sandra Bullock’s children joined them one more time for the premiere. In fact, Bullock had plenty of family join her.

“I think everyone’s just happy to be out and about in a way that we know we can do it safely and have a good time. I’m excited,” Bullock gushed. “This is the first time we’ve been to the theater in over two years.”

Fans can watch The Lost City in theaters now.

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