Paul Feig Hopes to Launch New Franchise With ‘School for Good and Evil’

The ‘Bridesmaids’ director insists he couldn’t fit everything from the book into the first movie which stars the likes of Kerry Washington and Charlize Theron.

AceShowbizPaul Feig is keen to make sequels to “The School for Good and Evil“. After helming the new Netflix fantasy film that is based on Soman Chainani’s novel of the same name, the 60-year-old director hopes to take the story forward as there are six books in the series to adapt.

“The goal is definitely for this to be a franchise. That’s the plan going forward, just take all the material of these books, and hopefully make a franchise out of it. We love the characters, love the world. The books are super fun and very dense,” Paul told Entertainment Weekly.

The “Bridesmaids” director says there is a lot that he still wants to explore on screen as he couldn’t fit everything from the first book into the film. Paul explained, “Look, if we were to shoot everything in the first book, the movie would cost billions of dollars.

“You take the things that the audience, the readers, and the fans love from the books and then you retrofit them in a way to still make it your own but in a way that they’re going to be happy.”

The director continued, “You’re also going to have an audience who doesn’t know the books, or an audience who’s just experiencing it without having to know the material – I’m very against any movies where you have to know things before you go there.”

Paul wanted to make sure that fans who had never read “The School for Good and Evil” could easily understand the film. He said, “It’s fun to watch a comic-book movie if you’ve grown up with the comic books and you know all those characters because there are all these Easter eggs.”

“But I also find that can be very excluding to audiences. For this (film), you don’t have to know about the book. Come in, enjoy the story, enjoy these characters, then if you want to go and read the books after that, that’s great. They both need to stand on their own. And hopefully we’ll continue to do that in a sequel.”

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