Meg Ryan's Fiancé, John Mellencamp, Showed Her Famous Fake Orgasm Scene to Her Daughter

Even Meg Ryan’s 14-year-old daughter has watched her mother’s infamous fake orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally.

PEOPLE reunited director Rob Reiner with Meg Ryan (Sally) and Billy Crystal (Harry) for its When Harry Met Sally… 30th Anniversary Special Edition issue. In it, Ryan revealed that her fiancé, musician John Mellencamp, took it upon himself to show her the classic romantic comedy after he said she’d have to watch one of her mother’s movies eventually.

PEOPLE’s When Harry Met Sally… 30th Anniversary Special Edition is available now at Amazon and wherever magazines are sold.

“I’m walking around the house doing other stuff,” Ryan explains to PEOPLE. “But I can hear, ‘Baby fish mouth.’ I hear the orgasm scene, and then there’s silence from the room they’re watching in. My daughter’s 14! And John goes, ‘Meeeeeeeeg! I’m not explaining this!'”

The couple has been engaged since November when Ryan announced it on Instagram just hours after photos surfaced of her wearing an engagement ring. They first began dating in 2010 and were on and off for a few years before finally rekindling their love in 2017.

When Harry Met Sally celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

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