John Carpenter to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at Fantasia Film Festival

There’s no filmmaker quite like John Carpenter, and it’s about time the man got some awards love for his staggering work. Enter the Fantasia Film Festival, who are presenting Carpenter with a lifetime achievement award. And since the festival is virtual this year it means Carpenter doesn’t have to leave his house to collect it, and that will no doubt appeal to him, as the legendary director really just wants nothing more than to hang around his pad playing video games these days.

John Carpenter, the living legend responsible for HalloweenThe FogThey Live, Big Trouble in Little ChinaIn the Mouth of MadnessPrince of DarknessThe Thing, and much more, will receive the Fantasia Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s (virtual) Fantasia International Film Festival. The fest is also offering “a masterclass from Carpenter, where he’ll discuss everything from his own festival origin story to his awe-inspiring career” as well as his more recent gig as a touring musician.




























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