Inside Julia Roberts And Amal Clooney’s Alleged Feud

While George Clooney and Julia Roberts may be incredibly close, it turns out that Amal Clooney might not be the biggest fan of one of America’s sweethearts. George and Roberts have worked on several films together, including Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and Money Monster. They’ve never publicly dated, but they’re really good friends (because you can have friends of the opposite sex without it turning romantic, right?) While many think that the famous pals have known one another since early in their careers, that’s actually not true.

In a February 2014 interview with Vanity Fair, George shared that he and Roberts met in 1999. “We met in a hotel room in the Chateau Marmont with Steve Soderbergh,” he shared of their work on Ocean’s Eleven. “And we heard that she was making her 20th picture at that point so we offered her 20 dollars.” Roberts shared that she became part of the cast’s prank wars, but they went a little easier on her when they found out she was pregnant.

These days, both George and Roberts are happily married — but not to fellow actors. The Pretty Woman star married cinematographer Danny Moder in 2002, and the duo has three children together. George, who was an eligible bachelor for much of his life, tied the knot with lawyer and human rights activist Amal in September 2014. The pair share twins Ella and Alexander. 

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Amal Clooney is reportedly unhappy about George Clooney and Julia Roberts' reunion

Even though George Clooney and Julia Roberts are the best of friends, we wouldn’t count on George, Amal Clooney, Roberts, and Danny Moder going on a double-date anytime soon. There have been multiple reports that Roberts and Amal don’t exactly get along as famously as George and Roberts. 

According to Woman’s Day magazine (via Gossip Cop), Amal was on edge over George and Roberts’ March 2021 Bali reunion. As of this writing, the actors are shooting their film Ticket to Paradise in Bali, and Amal is reportedly unhappy that she didn’t get to go on the trip (which is reportedly both George and Roberts’ first film post-pandemic). “George doesn’t want Amal to come along because he doesn’t want his wife and kids traveling in a global pandemic,” an insider spilled. “But Amal suspects there might be more than just fatherly concern to this decision.”

The same insider shared that George’s relationship with Roberts has never sat well with Amal. “Amal has always kept a suspicious eye on Julia … and has never felt comfortable with how pally she is with George,” the source revealed. According to the report, Amal is also allegedly worried about surprising George on set and finding out that there could be something more going on between the famous friends.

Does Amal Clooney think Julia Roberts is disrespectful?

There have been plenty of instances of Julia Roberts and Amal Clooney’s potential frenemy status, including at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016. A viral photo shared by Celeb**chy showed Roberts, Amal, and George Clooney posing together at the event’s red carpet. 

According to an In Touch Weekly report (via Celeb**chy), it’s rare for a non-movie star to join in on pictures, but Amal did anyway. “Julia was stunned that Amal tried to steal her show and her thunder, and that George actually let her,” an insider revealed. The same source shared that Roberts flirted with George afterwards to get revenge. “Amal felt like Julia was flirting with George and she was seething!” the insider said.

In turn, Amal also allegedly felt like Roberts was “disrespectful” with her behavior, and she reportedly pulled her husband aside to let him know her thoughts. A similar event reportedly transpired at the Clooney’s estate in Lake Como, Italy when Roberts visited. The visit reportedly left a “very bad taste” in Roberts’ mouth, and the actor would allegedly “mock image-obsessed Amal behind her back after seeing how Amal constantly had her hair and makeup touched up and wore glamorous gowns during a casual weekend.” Ouch

George Clooney and Julia Roberts still have mad love for one another

While Amal Clooney and Julia Roberts allegedly aren’t exactly on the best of terms, that hasn’t stopped George and Roberts from regularly singing one another’s praises during press-junkets. According to E! News, Roberts took the stage in 2014 at the BAFTA Los Angeles Jaguar Britannia Awards to honor Clooney. She cracked a few jokes during the event and praised George, calling him a “friend” whom she has worked with in many capacities. “We have acted together a few times. He’s been my producer and my director, all of which he is immeasurably gifted at,” she gushed. “He’s handsome, he’s talented, he is an exemplary humanitarian and a gifted prankster.”

When it was Clooney’s turn to take the mic, he also raved over his co-star and friend, even though the award was supposed to be all about him. “It has been such a pleasure to watch the woman you have become,” he told the audience. “Its’ very hard for me to be just straight nice because she’ll get me later. But just an amazing mother, an amazing wife, and a great, great friend. It’s an honor to have her here.” 

Whatever the case between Amal and Roberts, it’s at least nice to see the close bond between Roberts and George, who seem to be BFF4L.

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