'House of Gucci': Adam Driver Fans Can't Get Over His Stand-in

Adam Driver plays Maurizio Gucci, the former head of the Gucci fashion house, in Ridley Scott’s film House of Gucci. While some people can’t stop talking about Driver’s sex scene with Lady Gaga, others are obsessing over Driver’s stand-in, Francesco Trani. 

Find out what Driver’s House of Gucci stand-in said about the actor’s personality. Plus, how Driver’s fans are reacting to the “picturesque” stand-in. 

Adam Driver’s ‘House of Gucci’ body double says he’s ‘a little shy’  

“I found him kind and polite, friendly,” Trani said of Driver in an Instagram message (via Twitter). “[He is] very focused and [does] professional work. In some cases, maybe a little shy, but I consider it a virtue.” 

Trani’s comments didn’t surprise many Driver fans, who know him to be a private man. The actor kept his son hidden from the public for years.

What’s more, his former co-star Amanda Seyfried had similar things to say about the While We’re Young actor. “He’s an interesting guy,” Seyfried told Collider in March 2015, adding:

“He’s introverted, I think. He seems pretty shy and he’s not a man of many words, but man, he’s so in the zone when you’re working with him, it’s great. He’s funny, the funny little things that he does and he’s kind of unpredictable and I love that.”

Adam Driver fans are loving his ‘House of Gucci’ stand-in 

After fans discovered Driver’s House of Gucci stand-in, many couldn’t stop talking about him on Reddit. “I found his Instagram and got realllllly distracted for a while haha!” says one Reddit user of Trani’s appearance. “He’s quite picturesque.”

Others wondered what Trani’s purpose was for the film. “I wonder what they used him for, when Adam does his own stunts?” another Reddit comment reads, confusing Trani for Driver’s stunt double. “Is he a body double for sex scenes?” 

Driver and his co-star Lady Gaga have both openly talked about filming their House of Gucci sex scenes. Trani likely stood in for Driver while crews were adjusting lighting and camera blocking. When it comes to the work required of Gucci’s death scene, a stunt double stepped in. 

‘House of Gucci’ features a stunt double for Maurizio Gucci

An unknown gunman fatally shot Gucci on Mar. 27, 1995, in the building where he worked in Milan. Gucci’s ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani was responsible for ordering Benedetto Ceraulo to pull off the hit.

“There was no hatred,” Reggiani later told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera (via Tatler). “I didn’t hate Maurizio; I never hated him. It was my irritation — he irritated me.”

Reggiani nor Ceraulo ever admitted to ordering the murder-for-hire. However, she served 18 years of her 29-year sentence before being released in 2016. Meanwhile, Ceraulo was issued a life sentence in November 1998.

As seen in the House of Gucci trailers, Gucci’s assassination is part of the film’s storytelling. According to IMDb, Antonio Cricchi served as Driver’s stunt double on the set of the House of Gucci

See House of Gucci exclusively in theaters on Nov. 24, 2021. 

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