'Frasier' Revival Being Considered For Paramount+ Streaming Service

Back in 2018, word broke that Kelsey Grammer was meeting with writers about a potential Frasier revival. Talk of the revival eventually fizzled out, but it looks like the idea isn’t completely dead. A new report indicates that talks for a Frasier revival are starting up again, with hopes of bringing the potential show to the new streaming service Paramount+. By all accounts, there’s nothing concrete yet and for now, this is all just talk. But don’t be surprised if Dr. Frasier Crane returns.

Better re-heat the tossed salad and scrambled eggs because it looks like a Frasier revival is back on the menu. Variety reports that “a new iteration of Frasier is in discussions at the ViacomCBS streaming service, though those discussions are said to be in the very early stages.” The plan is to bring the reboot to Paramount+, the upcoming streaming service that is surely in need of hot new content.

The original Frasier was a spin-off of Cheers that ran for 11 seasons from 1993-2004. Kelsey Grammer played the title character, a psychiatrist who returns to his hometown of Seattle following his recent divorce. Once there, he hosts a call-in radio psychiatry show, hangs out with his equally stuffy and intellectual brother Niles (David Hyde Pierce), and takes in his invalid father (John Mahoney). The series was a major hit and went on to set a record for the most Emmy Awards won by a scripted series (37).

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