‘Bright’ Screenwriter Max Landis Accused of Sexual Assault by Several Women in New Article


A bombshell article in a Daily Beast article details several women’s accounts of the abuse, manipulation and harassment they were allegedly subjected to by “Bright” screenwriter Max Landis.
Landis is the son of “Blues Brothers” and “Twilight Zone: The Movie” director John Landis. Max’s other credits include “Chronicle” and the AMC/BBC series “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.”
The most serious accusations detailed in the article (which you can read here) include rape and choking women until they passed out. Besides mistreating his girlfriends, he was also accused of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in September 2008.
Stories of his bad behavior have circulated for years, with Landis himself admitting to Jezebel in 2013 that he gave an ex-girlfriend a “crippling social anxiety, self-loathing, body dysmorphia, eating disorder.”
Here’s an excerpt from the Daily Beast article:

The woman identified only as Julie said in a statement to the Beast: “Max Landis is a serial rapist, gaslighter, physical and psychological abuser who tormented me for six years, long after our romantic relationship, both directly and behind my back. He continued to violate my boundaries into even after our relationship, and if any of this still feels like a blurred lines scenario, let me assure you that he did hold me down and rape me while I said ‘no’ over and over. Afterwards I punched him in the shoulder and I told him, ‘When someone says no, you’re supposed to stop. What you just did is what they call rape.’ He said he thought we were playing a game, and that I liked it. He didn’t care.”

Tasha Goldthwait, the daughter of comedian Bobcat Goldthwait, said she worked with Landis on his debut film in 2008, “Me Him Her.” She said that she quit the production because of his “physical, sexual and verbal abuse.”

“He would talk about his penis all the time to me, brag about the size of it,” Goldthwait said. “On set he would touch me all the time, he would pick me up and turn me upside down and carry me around set. My shirt would come above my face and I’d be exposed. At one point we were on set with people around and he pushed me down and got on top of me on a bed. I raised my voice and told him to get off of me, and eventually managed to get him off.”

Landis was previously attached to write “Shadow in the Cloud,” but a producer for the film told the Daily Beast that, in light of these allegations, Landis has since been removed from the project.
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