Avengers Endgame box office can STILL beat Avatar record because of THIS?

Back in April, Avengers Endgame was smashing box office records left, right and centre. Marvel experts were already predicting the superhero epic would be the first $3 billion movie following its goliath $1.2 billion opening. However, a couple of months down the line and Avengers Endgame had slipped out of the box office Top 10 with tens of millions still to go to beat Avatar’s $2,787,965,087. But Marvel Studios had a plan up its sleeve.

Last weekend Avengers Endgame was re-released, even though it was still in cinemas, with a few minutes of bonus content after the post-credits.

These included an introduction from The Russo Brothers, a Stan Lee tribute, an unfinished Hulk deleted scene and the opening scene of Spider-Man Far From Home.

However, the re-release only made $7.5 million, still being short of Avatar by $26.6 million.

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s box office insiders, it was not impossible for Avengers Endgame to become No 1 anywhere in the near future.

However, there is a glimmer of hope for Marvel fans as this weekend sees the re-release debut internationally.

One large country with a huge MCU fan base is India, where BookMyShow’s Ashish Saksena has shared confidence in the fans there to help Avengers Endgame beat Avatar.

He said: “The hysteria surrounding Avengers: Endgame which released in April this year was unlike anything witnessed before, with the movie having bested all previous Hollywood films released in India.

“The film sold over 8.5 million tickets on BookMyShow, making it the most demanded Hollywood film here.”


He added: “With the movie set to re-release in cinemas, with additional post-credits footage this week, we are confident that the fandom will take over, yet again! 

“Avengers: Endgame enthralled audiences in every frame with its heady mix of comedy, emotions and larger-than-life action sequences.

“Marvel lovers are sure to return to cinema halls to catch their favourite squad in action!”

Avengers Endgame re-release is out now.

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