Why Eric Trump’s Flight Back To NYC Is Turning Heads

The Trumps have long been used to living a lavish lifestyle, even more so before Donald Trump’s presidency, but could their cash cow be running dry? Without the government services they have grown accustomed to, it looks like they’ve had to scale down, despite previously boasting about their personal wealth. In fact, now that Air Force One is not at their disposal, the former president’s second eldest son, Eric Trump, was spotted traveling commercial and — get this — in coach. It’s unclear why Eric didn’t borrow his father’s own Boeing 757, but the former first son was seen with his wife, Lara Trump, and their two children onboard a Delta flight from Palm Beach, Fla. to New York City on Jan. 24, 2021, eyewitnesses told TMZ. However, not all their luxuries were lost, since Trump extended post-presidency Secret Service protection for all of his children before he left office. Eric and his family were seen being escorted onto the plane by Secret Service agents rather than waiting in the terminal with other passengers. Keep scrolling for more details about Eric Trump’s flight in coach — just like the rest of us.

Eric Trump mingled like an average joe

Upon leaving Palm Beach, Fla., where the first family fled after Donald Trump left office and skipped out on President Joe Biden’s inauguration, Eric Trump and his family were just like everyone else on their commercial flight back to New York. Eric was seen doing the usual dad duties and putting their carry-on luggage in the overhead bins. As for Lara Trump, she was seen doing every mom’s unofficial job on a plane: taking her kids to the bathroom a number of times, sources told TMZ. It’s unclear if Eric slept through their bathroom breaks, but if he’s anything like our dads, he probably pretended to be out cold. However, their children were very “well behaved,” according to TMZ‘s eyewitnesses.

Additionally, Eric and Lara were “very friendly” with their fellow passengers and “didn’t seem a bit worried about drawing attention to themselves,” TMZ reported. In fact, Eric even posed for some selfies and grinned behind his USA face mask. Despite their travel arrangements, it seems like it is business as usual for the Trumps.

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