Whoopi Goldberg Hit With $50 Million Lawsuit Over New Jersey Redevelopment Plan

The ‘View’ co-host’s company named Whoopi Inc. is accused of conspiring to oust real estate developer Prism Capital Partners from a plan to revitalize downtown West Orange.

AceShowbizWhoopi Goldberg has found herself being entangled in legal trouble. It was reported that “The View” co-host’s company, Whoopi Inc., is being sued for $50 million over a plan to revitalize downtown West Orange in New Jersey.

Launching the legal action against Whoopi Inc. was Prism Capital Partners. The real estate developer alleged that the TV host’s company conspired with the city’s mayor, Robert Parisi, to remove it as the current developer.

Prism Capital Partners, which is also suing West Orange officials and other real estate developers, first secured the redevelopment project in 2006. Its first aim was to “revamp the historic Thomas Edison Battery Building and surrounding grounds with thousands of square feet of retail space and hundreds of units of housing.”

However, Prism failed to complete the project after almost 15 years. It prompted West Orange officials to find a new developer to continue the task and terminate their deal with Prism in June this year. Now, the real estate developer demands their agreement to be restored as well as $50 in damages for the “opportunistic and nefarious scheme to acquire the property for below market value so they can use the land for a sound studio.”

In a statement to the New York Post, Prism principal partner Eugene Diza said, “West Orange Township changed its mind from creating a residential neighborhood around our Edison Lofts property. They asked us to speak to Ms. [Whoopi] concerning her company’s interest in a small studio.”

“Those conversations grew into something larger, and once we presented that deal and take the property for less money than we paid for it in 2007- so they could negotiate a deal directly with Ms. [Whoopi]’s company,” Eugene added. “They are not only trying to avoid paying the $20 million owed but they are trying to profit by being a middleman that flips the property to Ms. [Whoopi].”

While Whoopi has yet to respond to the lawsuit, Mayor Robert said, “For Prism Green to attack prominent members of the West Orange community and volunteers in our collective effort to improve the township is atrocious and unacceptable.”

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