Wendy Williams’ Mental Health Reportedly ‘Far Worse Than People Realize’ Following Bizarre Behavior

A few days earlier, the former host of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ was spotted walking around the lobby of her building barefoot in a white bathrobe, looking confused with her eyes open wide.

AceShowbizWendy Williams seemingly has been plagued with serious mental and physical health challenges. If a new report is to be believed, the former “The Wendy Williams Show” host’s condition is now “far worse than people realize.”

A source spilled to Daily Mail in an article published on Monday, August 15, “Wendy’s life and her situation are far worse than people realize. She has been plagued with serious health challenges.”

Speaking to the outlet, Wendy’s manager William Selby admitted, “Look at everything Wendy has lost. She’s lost her mother, she’s lost her show, she’s gone through a divorce, she’s lost her son to college. She has lymphedema, thyroid issues, she’s 58-years-old.” William added, “We’re used to seeing Wendy prepped and on camera but what you’re seeing now is Wendy raw. She’s going to have bad days.”

A separate source close to Wendy spilled that many of the gossip queen’s troubles are “a direct result of untreated alcohol addiction.” It’s also said that Wendy’s addiction “worsened during her stint in rehab for cocaine addiction in 2019 during her separation and divorce” from her second husband, Kevin Hunter.

The so-called insider further detailed, “[Wendy’s] drinking wasn’t new to her talk show team.” The informant continued, “She had already been abusing the booze while still married to [Kevin] but he helped her hide it.”

With the end of her marriage, the insider said, came the end of Kevin’s influence. “I remember fans online asking for the network to cancel the show because it was obvious Wendy was on-air drunk,” the source recalled, “What viewers never knew was that there was easily a dozen other shows where we couldn’t even put her on TV because her condition was so bad.”

“One thing Kevin was good for was making sure Wendy could do the show. She never went too far when he was in the picture because she feared him, just like most people on the staff,” the insider added. “He led with heavy-handed tactics so even Wendy stayed in line when he was around.”

The report arrived just days after Wendy was caught walking around the lobby of her building barefoot in a white Versace bathrobe on Thursday, August 11. Her feet appeared dirty as she made her way across the floor. At one point, she looked surprised or caught off guard, standing with her mouth agape and her eyes opened wide.

The sighting came shortly after it’s said that Wendy’s mood swings like a pendulum between morning and night lately. “The Wendy you get in the morning is friendly, alert and coherent. The Wendy in the afternoon is not as nice of a person,” an insider close to the 58-year-old ailing TV host explained. It’s also said that Wendy “is quick with you and will hang up on you if she doesn’t like the way the conversation is going.”

The so-called source further detailed, “The conversations from the afternoon onward are generally unproductive, but in the morning, Wendy is a breeze,” before noting that “it’s like Jekyll and Hyde.”

Wendy has been sparking concerns and bizarre behavior, including an odd marriage claim, since she took a months-long absence from “The Wendy Williams Show”, which later led to her eponymous talk show being replaced with Sherri Shepherd‘s show “Sherri“.

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