Waco Survivor David Thibodeau Urges Netflix to Make Docuseries About Siege

David Thibodeau, a real-life survivor of the Waco siege, wants to thank Netflix for getting people talking about the tragedy again, and says now’s the time to reveal some untold stories about it.

Thibodeau, who’s played by actor Rory Culkin in the series, “Waco” tells TMZ … he’s incredibly grateful Netflix not only revived the show last month, but made it a huge hit.

ICYMI … “Waco” originally aired in January 2018 on the fledgling Paramount Network. It got off to a strong start in the rating game but quickly faded.

Once it got on Netflix, though, it’s remained in the platform’s top 10. In short, the 2-year-old show — about a 27-year-old siege — is back in pop culture.

Thibodeau says Netflix’s next step should be to order a docuseries on the 1993 catastrophe. As one of the few surviving members of the Branch Davidians … he wants to speak out for the people he lost.

If you’re under 35 … the Waco siege was a 51-day standoff between Branch Davidians leader David Koresh and the FBI … which believed the religious sect was illegally stockpiling weapons.

Thibodeau was among the group holed up in Koresh’s compound and 1 of only 9 survivors, which inspired him to write the 1999 memoir “A Place Called Waco: A Survivor’s Story.”

The show was partly based on his book, and he was a consultant on it as well as an actor. He’s down to consult again if a Waco docuseries gets the green light.

Your move, Netflix.

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