Vanessa Amorosi Files Lawsuit Against Mom Over Money Dispute

The ‘Absolutely Everybody’ singer has launched a lawsuit against her estranged mother Joyleen Robinson over the alleged ‘missing’ money she earned during her music career.

AceShowbiz -Singer Vanessa Amorosi is suing her mother Joyleen Robinson amid claims she’s missing hundreds of thousands of dollars in music earnings.

The 39-year-old Australian star filed legal action in the Supreme Court of Victoria, seeking proceeds from previous royalties, tour income and investments that she claims has gone “missing.”

In a statement of claim submitted by her lawyers, Amorosi alleges that her mother, from whom she is now estranged, took control of her finances when she was 17, in 1999.

In later years, Robinson established a company called Vanjoy, in which she and Amorosi owned half the shares each. Amorosi’s earnings were then paid to Vanjoy – with Robinson controlling the financial incomings and outgoings.

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Amorosi, who achieved worldwide fame with her 1999 hit “Absolutely Everybody”, claims that she asked her mother to protect her earnings, and alleges that Robinson set up numerous other trust accounts, from which she assigned her daughter an income.

According to one example in the court documents, the companies assigned Amorosi an income of $862,512 (£627,000) between 2000 and 2001, but the rest of the money she earned is unaccounted for.

Amorosi is asking the court to make her the sole trustee of the trusts established by Robinson while also giving her equitable compensation for any money paid to others during her career.

The singer, who has her mother’s name tattooed on her shoulder, is also reportedly seeking to have the house, where her mother lives in, sold and the proceeds given to her. She claims the mortgage was paid off using her money.

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