Ulrika Jonsson blames Prince Harry’s ‘sexism’ on mum Diana’s death

Prince Harry slams ‘campaign’ by royals to ‘undermine’ his book

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Ulrika Jonsson has said that, despite previously having a “soft spot” for Prince Harry, she had come to the conclusion that he has a “disrespectful” attitude towards women in his new memoir, Spare. The former Gladiators star, 55, slammed the royal, 38, for his “brutal” and “dismissive” attitudes towards women, and argued that it probably stemmed from losing his mother Princess Diana at a young age.

Ulrika started by acknowledging that Princess Diana’s death was the kind of “dreadful event” that would have severely impacted him both as a child and as a man.

The star then went on to question whether what she describes as his “dismissiveness” and “objectification” of women have stemmed from this ordeal.

“His view of women appears to be of a group of one-dimensional people — either objectified or dismissed. There to be used for his own gratification but rarely respected,” she wrote.

The star then went on to list off different sections of the memoir where Prince Harry had come across as “sexist” in his approach to women.

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Ulrika made reference to the royal talking about how “horny” his school matrons made him feel and the “reductive” and “objectifying” ways in which he described his encounter with a Page 3 girl and losing his virginity to a “much older woman”.

In her column for the Sun, she continued to suggest that he also felt comfortable serving for so long in the Army due to his “disparaging” views on women.

“All simplistic, basic views of a young man who, it might be said, has little respect for women as a whole,” she wrote. “Understandable, perhaps, with all the hormones coursing through his veins and no mother there to guide him.”

Ulrika then went on to point out how much Princess Diana was idolised during her life and even now, 25 years on from her death.

“Then again, it would be tricky for any woman to ­measure up to his mother’s image — she, understandably, was everything to him,” she penned. “She was revered, a deity, named after a goddess, after all.

“No one could surely match her. Which in so many ways made it impossible for any other woman to make an impact on young Harry.”

During her article, Ulrika also pointed out that, while he claims Meghan Markle has “saved him” from being a bigot and taught him the importance of feminism and equality, women outside of his immediate family remain “absent from his life”.

She also described how Prince Harry had painted Queen Consort Camilla as a “wicked stepmother”, while Kate Middleton has been “boxed into the sweet and kind category”.

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Ulrika concluded her piece by questioning whether Meghan had managed to “rehabilitate this previously biassed man” and if he really had an “equal view” on men and women.

Express.co.uk have contacted Prince Harry’s representatives for comment.

Since the release of his memoir, the Duke of Sussex has faced a mixture of praise and criticism for some of the claims he made, particularly about members of his family.

He has also been promoting his book through appearances in several TV interviews and on late night talk shows in the USA.

During a sit down interview with journalist Tom Bradby on Sunday, the Duke of Sussex defended the bold statements he made in his debut book about members of his family.

“I love my father, I love my brother, I love my family,” he said during the ITV programme, entitled Harry – The Interview.

He went on to insist he had no intention of hurting or harming them, but with regards to the tabloid press, said that “certain members have decided to get in bed with the devil” to rehabilitate their own images.

Stating that this was “their choice” he continued: “But the moment that rehabilitation comes at the detriment to others, me, other members of my family, that’s where I draw the line.”

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