Twitter Is Fully Convinced Rihanna Is Pregnant Because of Her Diamond Ball Performance Last Night

Yes, we’re all still waiting on Rihanna’s next album—it’s been three years since Anti—but she’s more than made up for that by giving us Fenty Beauty, a full-on high-fashion label, and Savage X Fenty, and now, fans are convinced she’s giving us an heir to her throne. Mm-hmm, Twitter thinks Rihanna is pregnant because of an interview and performance she gave at her annual Diamond Ball last night.

While talking to Essence magazine, RiRi gushed about how proud she is to be a black woman and how her future child will also be black. She said:

Some of her fans took that quote and ran with it and were like, “If Rihanna is pregnant, then according to the interview, she’s gonna give birth to a baby girl….”

But let’s keep in mind that she’s literally just stating how biology and genetics work, so this really might not actually be as deep as a pregnancy announcement.

Meanwhile, others think she also looks pregnant, which is honestly none of their business and also rude.

rihanna’s finally back 😭🥰 and.. pregnant??? pic.twitter.com/yMsZpu7t0A

In an attempt at squashing these rumors, one fan offered up a video that shows Rihanna grabbing a glass of white wine and possibly taking a sip. Which, no matter what they used to do back in the ’50s, drinking alcohol while with child is not recommended today. And I say “possibly” because a few Twitter users said she didn’t even open her mouth.

Sis drinking tho 👀. So is she really pregnant or is she making us talk about this so we can stop asking for an album 🤔🤔 #Rihanna #DiamondBall2019 pic.twitter.com/1Cu9JUXEN1

So what’s the truth? Hell if I know. Sorry, not helpful, but we won’t know until Rihanna decides it’s time!

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