Tom Parker's wife Kelsey 'so very sad' as she manages grief following his death

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Tom Parker’s wife Kelsey Parker has opened up about her day to day life following the death of The Wanted star earlier this year.

Parker died in March at the age of just 33, following a diagnosis of a terminal brain tumour in 2020.

The married couple share two children – Aurelia, two, and 21-month-old Bodhi – and Kelsey recently shared how ‘beyond proud’ she feels of her late husband as his memorial hit the bestseller list.

However, she was also hit with the ‘very sad’ realisation that her partner isn’t here to celebrate the achievement with her, which she said felt like a ‘comedown.’

Taking to her Instagram – where Kelsey has been very open with her followers about dealing with grief – she began: ‘Hey guys, hope we’re all good. So yesterday was an incredible day wasn’t it? How amazing that Tom is a best seller. But obviously with this journey of grief, not every day is an amazing day.’

She added that while ‘yesterday was a really good day’, today she has been ‘feeling a little bit sad’.

Kelsey said the Platinum Jubilee weekend was ‘exciting’ but she wishes the dad-of-two was there to experience it with his family.

‘It’s probably a comedown from that and from the realisation that we had a big celebration yesterday and he couldn’t be a part of it and the celebration was for him,’ she shared.

Also, Kelsey has been journalling and sharing poems online that have helped her manage her emotions.

She went on to read out a poem she found months back and couldn’t remember the title of, so she renamed it ‘Will I Cry Or Will I Be Ok?’

Getting candid about her everyday life, Kelsey admitted she was feeling ‘crappy’ so wanted to write about how she was feeling.

Reciting the poem, Kelsey said: ‘Yesterday I felt ok. I smiled, when I thought of you. I remembered the happy times and the funny things you’d do.

‘But today, I feel so very sad. I think of you and cry. I’m missing you so very much, and still am asking, why?’

The poem concluded: ‘I don’t know what will happen when I face another day.

‘What will Tomorrow bring. Will I cry? Or be ok?’

Fans have been by Kelsey’s side following the death of her husband, with hundreds taking to her comments section to praise her strength and vulnerability.

One follower wrote: ‘Kelsey 🥺 I’m so so proud of you, it’s okay to have those bad days too. It’s always okay to let your emotions out, you’re doing amazing ❤️ #PositiveParkers’

‘Cry when you need to Kelsey , it will get better and one day you will share your memories of Tom with your babies and smile’, penned another.

Parker and his wife went public with his cancer diagnosis in a bid to raise awareness and vital funds for treatment.

In the weeks before he died, Parker announced that he had written a book about his cancer, due to be released in the summer, and told fans it was ‘not about dying: It’s a book about living’.

Following the book’s release earlier month, Kelsey brought Aurelia and Bodhi to a bookstore to see their father’s memoir as it arrived on the shelves.

Aurelia’s face lit up when she saw her late father on the book cover and gave it a kiss, while little Bodhi was seen walking around carrying another copy in his hands.

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