Tim Tebow Guarantees Tom Brady Will Be 'Amazing' Broadcaster

Tim Tebow‘s already so convinced that Tom Brady will be great in the broadcast booth … he tells TMZ Sports he’s hoping the G.O.A.T. will give him TV advice — not the other way around!!

We got the former Heisman Trophy winner — who’s been analyzing football games for ESPN for nearly a decade — out at LAX … and he’s guaranteeing TB12 will thrive in a post-football role as a color commentator.

“He’ll be amazing,” the 34-year-old said. “He’ll be so good at it. He’s got so much knowledge and he’s such a good guy and kind guy. And, he knows the game too well. He’ll be amazing.”

Tim, who actually played with Brady during his short stint as a New England Patriot back in 2013, said repeatedly he doesn’t have any TV advice to share with Tom — simply because he believes Brady already has all the tools needed to be the next Tony Romo or Troy Aikman.

“Listen,” Tebow said just a few days after Brady signed a monster contract earlier this month to join Fox Sports after his career ends, “He’s the greatest of all time for a reason. He’s going to go up there and he’ll be amazing. So, truly will.”

There’s more … we also spoke to Tebow about his athletic career and if he was seriously done with sports — and the former NFL first-round pick/MLB minor leaguer doesn’t appear to have closed any doors just yet.

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