Tiger Woods Hits Balls On Range With Son, Gearing Up For 1st Tourney Since Crash

Tiger Woods appears to be fully back … the golf legend hit the range Friday with his son, Charlie, and seemed to have no limitations as he gears up for his first tourney since his crash.

The two Woods’ smacked balls for around 20 minutes in preparation for Friday’s pro-am as well as Saturday’s PNC Championship … and Dad was showing no signs that he had just suffered a significant injury back in February.

Tiger hit both his irons and his woods with ease … with the ball jumping off of his clubs on every swing.

Of course, Tiger was also in coach mode — watching Charlie’s swing intently in between his own hacks.

Woods and Charlie then teed it up for their pro-am round — and Tiger looked good there too, blasting his driver around 280 yards.

Tiger and Charlie are slated to tee off at the big event in Orlando, Fla. on Saturday afternoon — and it’ll officially mark the first time Tiger has participated in a tournament since he mangled his leg in a February car crash in Los Angeles.

Woods has said he’ll be very picky with his events from here — vowing to never be a full-time golfer again — but ya gotta imagine if things go well this weekend, The Masters in April 2022 is not out of the question.

Fingers crossed.

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