This Is Why Fans Are Talking About Ruby Rose And This Riverdale Star

CW fandoms collided on May 11 when DJ-actor Ruby Rose, former star of “Batgirl,” posted a series of photos with “Riverdale” star Rob Raco. The affectionate pictures showed Raco and Rose embracing, with one image depicting Raco with his arm around Rose, planting a kiss on her cheek. The two hugged in the second picture, and the last two photos featured Raco looking on lovingly with Rose’s dog posed on his lap.

“Early morning coffee catch up with one of my favorite people. Adore you @robraco,” Rose captioned the pictures, to which Raco commented, “I adore you,” in response. “just think of the eyes on those children,” he added, including a crying-laughing emoji, seemingly referring to his and Rose’s baby blues. The pictures and comments made some fans wonder about their relationship status, though Rose is openly gay. “Omg!? They are together?” asked one fan. “Is that her bf?” questioned another. 

Let’s dig into Rose and Raco’s relationship.

Ruby Rose and Rob Raco have fans talking

In addition to Ruby Rose’s close Instagram photos with “Riverdale” star Rob Raco, her Instagram stories also included a photo of her hand resting atop a man’s hand that looks like it could be Raco’s. She captioned it, “found my number 1,” per the Daily Mail.

Fans were split; some thought the photos meant that Rose and Raco were a couple, while others insisted they were just friends. 

But this isn’t the first time people have speculated that Rose and Raco might be more than friends. The rumors started as early as January 2019, when Raco reportedly left flirtatious comments on photos of Rose and her then-girlfriend, Cat McNeil, per the Daily Mail. In January 2021, Raco shared an Instagram story of Rose posing naked in a bed clutching a dog, with the caption, “Baby mama appreciation post,” the outlet reported.

If nothing else, Raco and Rose seem to have a very close bond.

Rose’s sexuality, and her relationship are no one’s business but her own. After all, she’s entitled to keep that part of her life to herself, and certainly doesn’t owe her fans an explanation.

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