The Sussexes announce Archewell grants in honor of Women’s History Month

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a special announcement for Women’s History Month! They are highlighting the work of several organizations, and they’re handing out actual grants to those organizations. These grants are investments in champions of gender equality. And now I’m sitting here, trying to figure out if the grants come from donations to Archewell, or whether Harry and Meghan have put their own money into Archewell’s charitable arm, money which they are then redistributing as grants. I ask because Archewell doesn’t have a donation page, but I believe that they are getting corporate donations, sponsorships and partnerships. Here is part of their statement on Archewell:

As we cross into Women’s History Month, and ahead of International Women’s Day next week, Archewell Foundation is announcing a number of non-profit investments in leading organizations working to advance gender equity, build policies that empower women and families, ensure meaningful media representation for women, and provide women with a network of tools and support for gaining employment.

While we celebrate contributions from women throughout history, and reflect on the work that remains to achieve a safe, just, and equal world for women and girls, Archewell Foundation is proud to advance the missions of the following groups through new grants to The Center on Poverty and Inequality, Georgetown University Law Center, National Women’s Law Center, The 19th and Smart Works.

These investments are representative of the approach that Archewell Foundation, as well as The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have taken towards advancing racial and gender justice.

[From Archewell]

Even just highlighting the work of The Center on Poverty and Inequality, Georgetown University Law Center, National Women’s Law Center, The 19th and Smart Works is important enough, but they also provided links to all of the organizations, and obviously, they’re backing it up with these grants. The links provided on Archewell are to the main pages of the organizations, not the donation pages too. Which is smart. Obviously, all of these organizations are pleased to have their work highlighted by Meghan and Harry. I think Smart Works is the happiest! They love Meghan and she’s still the “royal patron” of Smart Works.

— Kate Stephens (@byKateStephens) March 1, 2022

— National Women's Law Center (@nwlc) March 1, 2022

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