The Meaning Of Selena Gomez’s "She" Has Fans Emotional About Her Past

Selenators are so here for an emotional bop, and that’s exactly what Selena Gomez blessed them with on April 9. When Sel dropped the deluxe version of Rare, it included three flawless new songs. One of those songs "She," contained some über-honest lyrics about self-growth. The meaning of Selena Gomez’s "She" hits close to home for so many people.

Gomez really did some deep digging when penning "She," and the lyrics are some of her most vulnerable yet.

I know you’ll get the chance, to find who you are/I know you’ll have the choice, before it gets too dark/I know you’ll get the chance to find who you are/I know you’ll have the choice," she sings in one verse.

Equally as emotional were her fans’ reactions. Gomez truly had fans also in their feels after listening to "She."

"She" is my favorite song of #RareDeluxe the way she talks about how hard it is to be in the industry, all the mistakes and pressure on her. SELENA GÓMEZ IS ART," one fan raved.

"SHE is such a great and powerful song. It’s so personal wow," another wrote. You can listen to the emotional track for yourself below.

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