Taylor Swift Claps Back At Trolls Who Insist County Artists Can’t Go Pop

For all those who ever doubted that a country girl couldn’t become the biggest pop star in the world, Taylor Swift has two words for you: Shania Twain.

Taylor Swift has only been on TikTok for about a month, and she has quickly taken to the app. Taylor, 31, took part in the viral “Mamma said it was okay” trend on Sept. 22, posting a TikTok soundtracked by Lukas Graham’s “Mama Said.” In the video, Taylor wrote, “Country girls can’t go pop,” likely a common troll argument she heard at the start of her career. As the song hits the chorus (“When mama said that it was okay / mama said that it was quite alright”), Taylor cued up pictures of Shania Twain, including a couple of them together on stage. “Learned from the best,” Taylor captioned the video.

Learned from the best 💁‍♀️ #mamasaid #swifttok @shaniatwain 📷: Getty Images by Jeff Kravitz and Denise Truscello

♬ Mama Said – Lukas Graham

The feelings were mutual for Shania. The 56-year-old singer commented on the video. “YOU INSPIRE ME,” she wrote, along with a trio of heart emojis. She wasn’t lying: Taylor literally inspired Shania to make her own “Mama Said” video. Like Taylor, Shania captioned her vid, “County Girls Can’t Go Pop,” and she cited the iconic Dolly Parton as the “mama” who said it was “quite alright” for Shania to cross genres. “Thank you, [Taylor],” Shania captioned the video. “I appreciate you! Paying this one forward to another trailblazer.”

Thank you @taylorswift ❤️ I appreciate you! Paying this one forward to another trailblazer 😘 #DollyParton #MamaSaid #letsgogirls

♬ Mama Said – Lukas Graham

As if that wasn’t enough, Taylor then stitched Shania’s video. “I have ceased to be a person anymore,” Taylor captioned this third video. “I have exploded into a cloud of confetti hearts.” In the stitched video, Taylor not only fangirled over Shania’s video and clips of Dolly, but she also wrote, “A QUEEN” for the “Man, I Feel Like A Woman” singer, “A QUEEEEN!!!!” for Dolly, and “THE QUEENS OF MY HEART” for the clips of Dolly and Shania together. Now, all we need is for Dolly, 75, to join the app and participate in the fun (unfortunately, it appeared that Dolly had joined, but this was someone impersonating the music legend, per The New York Post.)

#duet with @shaniatwain I have ceased to be a person anymore I have exploded into a cloud of confetti hearts

♬ Mama Said – Lukas Graham

Since joining TikTok, Taylor has recreated her iconic Red look (in honor of the upcoming Red (Taylor’s Version), shared a few videos of her cats, and caused a stir by releasing Taylor’s Version of “Wildest Dreams” from 1989. The release was in response to a TikTok trend, with users using the original song along with a slow-zoom filter. “You set a date in November for ‘Red,’ but then someone mentions 1989,” she captioned the video announcing the new version. The single also causes a rush in fan theories, with many Swifties predicting (or hoping) that Taylor will drop Taylor’s Version of 1989 ahead of Red.

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