Taylor Swift Accused of Bullying Former Label Boss

Like various beef-ready rappers before her, Taylor Swift’s career has been largely defined by conflict.

Unlike Tupac or Eminem, Swift doesn’t settle her feuds with threats of violence — but things can get pretty heated, nonetheless.

As you’ve likely heard by now, Swift lashed out at Scooter Braun this week after the famed music mogul acquired the rights to her first seven albums through his purchase of the Big Machine Label Group.

That may sound like a snooze-fest dispute that’s only of interest to industry insiders, but believe it or not, this thing is shaping up to be the feud of the summer.

Yes, it may eventually get settled in court, but for now, the war between Taylor and Scooter is playing out on social media — and it seems like every day a new A-lister publicly chooses a side.

There was a time when Taylor’s army of famous friends was as much a part of her public image as her music.

But these days, it seems celebs and music execs alike are throwing their support behind Braun and Big Machine.

First, Justin Bieber lashed out at Swift, accusing her of trashing his mentor simply because she’s thirsty for attention.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian is said to be loving Taylor’s latest feud, as she feels that her longtime rival has finally bitten off more than she can chew.

Of course, it’s not just celebs who are sounding off against Taylor.

Big Machine exec Scott Borchetta is the man who brokered the deal with Braun, and he’s one of the most highly-respected indie label bosses in the industry.

Borchetta has many powerful figures in his corner, including Erik Logan, who sits on Big Machine’s board of directors.

Earlier this week, Logan tweeted and deleted a screenshot of a scathing open letter to Swift:

“Somewhere you have told a story to yourself that you have the right to change history, facts and re-frame every any story you want to fix with any narrative you wish,” he wrote. 

“But, as someone who has been by Scott’s side from before you were born, I’m not going to sit on the sidelines and allow you to rewrite history and bend the truth to justify your lack of understanding of a business deal.”

From there, Logan essentially threatened Swift’s career:

“The facts will come out, you will be proven wrong and people will begin to see that the world you perpetuate, only through your lens, is NOT reality,” he wrote.

“For someone who draws such power from being the ‘voice’ and against all the things you talk about, I’m watching you violate what you allegedly stand for,” he continued, adding:

“You’re the real bully. Your power is fading, your shine is dull and this is what bully’s [sic] do, they lash out – especially when they are called to stand in the truth.”

Logan went on to argue that Swift should have purchased the masters to her first albums herself when she had the chance:

“You can be mad at yourself that you didn’t want to accept a deal that you should have,” he stated.

“That’s okay, in the real world that happens all the time. But you don’t get the right to twist the truth.”

He concluded with the mother of all backhanded compliments, writing:

“You are one of the most talented and gifted performers and writers the industry has ever seen, but this is one area where you’re [sic] attempt to rewrite history just won’t work.”

If you’re like most people, you probably never heard of Erik Logan until today.

(We’re with you on that one.)

But if his opinion reflects the consensus among industry insiders, this situation might soon get even uglier than anticipated.

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