Tara Reid Calls Out ‘Miserable’ Body-Shamers Suggesting She’s ‘Too Thin’

The ‘American Pie’ star previously clapped back at the body-shamers on social media, explaining that she has a high metabolism which makes her ‘impossible to gain weight.’

AceShowbizTara Reid is not here for body-shamers. More than a week after she was criticized for being “too thin” in her social media post, the Danni Sullivan depicter on “Scrubs” fired back at the trolls, calling them “miserable.”

The actress, who turned 46 on Monday, November 8, offered her clapback in a new interview with Page Six. “I’ve always been thin,” she claimed. “So these stories are kind of crazy because it’s like there’s nothing that has changed for forever.”

“This is who I am, this is what I am, this is what I’m [aspiring] to be. Hopefully that will change the minds of bullies, but if doesn’t, I’m okay with that,” Tara added. “I’ve gone through it for so many years that, you know, sometimes I feel bad for them because if they’re that miserable writing things at home, what are they doing? That’s negative. You know, it’s hurtful.”

Tara got body-shamed after she let out two black-and-white Instagram photos of her wearing a bikini. “Nothing better then your friend taking hot artsy pics of you in Palm Springs aka @tarynmanning,” she captioned the October post.

Many of her followers then voiced their concerns, with one noting, “So thin! I hope you are ok.” Another wrote, “These are concerning. To boot posting them makes it worse.” A third commented, “This looks very scary and unhealthy.”

Having caught wind of the offensive remarks, Tara penned in the comment section, “Stop hating start loving. no one needs to be body shaming it’s not right it’s not cool and it hurts people. Please don’t be one of those people, it does have an affect.”

The “American Pie” actress continued to address the body-shaming comments in a separate post. “To all who made their great comments exposing their hate for my artsy picture I posted yesterday, it was the angle. Here is another picture from yesterday to show you I am not too skinny, I have a high metabolism,” she explained.

“Anyone with a high metabolism understands it’s impossible to gain weight. All I do is eat,” she further elaborated. “To everyone who wrote something nice and stuck up for me, I love you! And keep spreading that love, it is the only thing that will save this world.”

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