Supermodel Stefanie Gurzanksi Shares Sizzling Behind The Scenes Photos Of BODE Magazine Cover Shoot

Supermodel and world famous influencer Stefanie Gurzanksi or “Baby G” as her loyal followers call her, shared some unofficial pictures from her upcoming and highly anticipated interview with BODE Magazine.

Baby G leaked these photos for a brief period of time on her Instagram Story and we were lucky enough to grab them while they were there. Check out the exclusive photos (above) and (below):


A post shared by Baby G (@stefaniegurzanski)


Stefanie has over 1.8 million followers on Instagram and has a long history of high profile collaborations with high end fashion brands and has become one of the most sought after stars in Hollywood over the past year.

Baby G rose to fame after landing on a series of high profile magazine covers of publications such as Vogue, Elle, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, and Playboy, and she has repeatedly used her global reach of millions of followers to help raise awareness for causes that she is passionate about.

Stefanie’s recent interview with BODE has excited her fans a ton. According to our sources Stefanie is expected to be very candid about her journey into modeling so far and reveal what she is “most unapologetic for”. Already fans on social media are blowing up her page with questions they wish she answered in her interview and they are in love with the content they have seen so far.

This much loyalty from her global fan base is nothing new for Stefanie. A few months ago at the world famous Miami swim week top fashion brands were reportedly clamoring to work with Stefanie and promote their products on her page.

According to our sources, over the past several months Stefanie has been linked to massive influencers and Hollywood stars for upcoming collaborations aimed at raising large sums of money for women empowerment focused charities. To stay up to date about Stefanie’s upcoming announcements and campaigns check out @stefaniegurzanski on Instagram.

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