Steven Seagal’s Ex Kelly LeBrock Shades Him After Bitter Divorce: ‘He’s a Tragedy of Hollywood’

The ‘Woman in Red’ actress feels ‘sorry’ for her former husband, who has been accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct, believing that he became ‘lost’ because of his bad childhood.

AceShowbizKelly LeBrock didn’t mince her words when talking about her ex Steven Seagal. Having gone through an “ugly split” from the martial artist, the actress has described the controversial actor as “a tragedy of Hollywood.”

“I feel sorry for the man,” Kelly told Page Six in an interview. “I think that he’s just a very sad person and he is what I would call a tragedy of Hollywood,” she said of her former husband, who has been accused by many women of sexual misconduct spanning decades.

Kelly believes that alleged mistreatment from others during Steven’s childhood may have shaped his personality as an adult. “I believe he was very bullied as a child, very sickly, very weak and I guess people who are treated that way as children end up becoming lost as they age,” she added. “I wish him all the best.”

Kelly and Steven share three children together, daughters Annaliza, 34, and Arissa, 28, and son Dominic, 31. Following their split in 1994 and their divorce in 1996, the 61-year-old model left Hollywood behind and has been living on a ranch in California’s Santa Ynez Valley.

“You know I was just never impressed with being famous or fabulous,” she explained. “I got up every day and did my job, I didn’t think about being a pretty lady or any of that nonsense. I have never been impressed with myself. I think I’m pretty normal.”

After years of hiatus, Kelly recently made acting return with comedy “Tomorrow Today“, but she is not sure if she’s going to make her return permanent. “Who knows, quite honestly, I just want to get married and stay home,” she said of her future. “I have my beautiful grandchildren and they were just here and they’re amazing. My life is very full.

Kelly also dished on her current relationship status. “I have met a wonderful man that I really respect and I’m in love for the first time in a very long time,” she gushed over her boyfriend. “And he’s brilliant on top of it. He’s a neurologist and one of the best in the country and it’s really nice to have somebody smart to talk to.”

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