Stacey Solomon fires back at Loose Women co-star Janet Street-Porter over past criticism

Loose Women: Janet reveals she wears pyjamas on Christmas day

Stacey Solomon was having none of it after Janet Street-Porter made a candid Christmas admission. The presenter fired back after being critised by her colleague on numerous occassions in the past for the same thing.

You have fought me to the death about this, Janet Street-Porter

Stacey Solomon

The 31-year-old has spoken at length on her love for wearing PJs not just at bedtime, getting flack from her ITV co-star, 73.

However, this morning during Loose Women’s feative special, Janet said she does just that.

Shocking her fellow panelists, the outspoken star said she wears sleepwear for the whole of Christmas Day.

It came to light as host Ruth Langsford discussed with the pair and Brenda Edwards what they will be wearing tomorrow.

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Aiming her question at Janet, the former suggested she was a “dress-up [kind of] girl”, to which Stacey agreed.

“So wrong there,” Janet shot back. “I have already taken my special Christmas pyjamas out of the bottom drawer where they have been folded all year.”

Explaining how they were cosy flannel and she had purchased them while in America, when she stayed with friends for Christmas.

The star continued: “We all had to go out just two days before, and buy are special Christmas pjs.

“They’ve got – suprprise, suprise – martini glasses with cocktails sticks in them all over them.”

Janet stated: “I will put on those pyjamas – I don’t sleep in them… get out of bed, put them on and they are on until I go back to bed.”

Ruth replied: “That really suprises me. I thought you’d be a dress for lunch kind of woman.”

“I walk the dog in the pyjamas – luckily no one is going to see me,” Janet then stated, saying she didn’t just wear them in her house.

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It was at that point Stacey couldn’t hold her tongue any longer, and had to have her say.

“Can we just hold on a second?” she said light-heartedly, laughing. “For years on this show Janet Street-Porter, I have said there is nothing wrong with going out in your pyjamas.

“And you have fought me to the death about this.”

Janet retorted that it was just because it was a “special day”.

As Stacey stated: “I’m never letting you…” her companion added: “I’m not doing it the rest of the year. I’m not going down to the supermarket in them.

“They come out, they’re very, very special pyjamas – I always wash them on a cold wash. God forbid they shrink!”

Stacey has hit out in the past after being criticised on Instagram for wearing her PJs on the school run.

Loose Women returns to ITV in the new year.

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